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In addition to complete Plex implementations, Control+M Solutions LLC offers discrete project based assistance (such as scheduling optimization or job actual cost implementation) as well as ongoing support assistance for everyday questions.

We also offer complete outsourcing of your internal Plex management requirements, as well as training new support staff in your specific configuration on the basics of Plex Online management and support.

We have provided solutions to budgets of all sizes. We are confident we can find a solution that will help you make the most out of your Plex implementation.

  • Complete Implementation including project management, configuration, testing and data conversion assistance
  • Phase II Implementation
  • Problem Solving
  • Training for new module implementation
  • Training on security and administration including module tweaking, troubleshooting and test guidance
  • Turnover assistance training
  • Plex Administration for companies who don't have a full time administrator
  • Data entry services available upon request
  • Testimonials

    "Our company self-implemented Plex. Over the next two years, we stumbled through attempting to configure the system without a clear understanding of the overall picture. Nothing really worked right and we had work-arounds stacked on top of work-arounds."

    Kurt, Sr Manager, IT Applications
  • Testimonials

    "I can wholeheartedly recommend Control+M Solutions as the company to go to for Plex pre and post implementation advice and help. "

    Veronica, IT Manager and Plex Champion
  • Testimonials

    "From the day Patti arrived she proved herself to be agile and quick. She adapted well to our challenging environment and quickly understood the intricacies of the business and how to navigate the people."

    Kevin, VP & CIO
  • Testimonials

    "When you are in a pickle, call Control – M. Patti’s team is quick to respond, thorough in analysis, and effective in designing and implementing solutions."

    Zack, CFO

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