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You've got a Plex project and we're here to help. Whether you are looking for a complete implementation, an optimization, assistance on continued module implementation or you are simply struggling with retraining due to employee turnover, we can help you find solutions in Plex. Our mission is to provide experienced solutions architects to help you pave the way to a successful project resolution.

All we do is Plex - we don't try to be everything to everyone, or call ourselves experts in many software packages. We focus on bringing you depth in Plex - we have a wide array of experience with technologies that span centuries, from forging to modern day transportation. With such a wide range of industry experience, we have seen Plex do some very impressive things and finding the right module(s) in Plex to fit your needs is what we do best.

Our team is built of professionals with on average over 6 years experience with Plex, and all with independent, relevant business experience. We work to bring the right person to address your issue, whether it is one of our project managers for an implementation, or a subject matter specialist like one of our Quality, Scheduling, HR or Tooling experts to help you deploy some of the Plex anytime modules after go live, or our on-staff CPA to assist with accounting and costing challenges in Plex.

Contact us today to let us find you the right fit for your project. Our Plex Accredited Implementation Specialists are ready to help you.

  • Testimonials

    "Our company self-implemented Plex. Over the next two years, we stumbled through attempting to configure the system without a clear understanding of the overall picture. Nothing really worked right and we had work-arounds stacked on top of work-arounds."

    Kurt, Sr Manager, IT Applications
  • Testimonials

    "I can wholeheartedly recommend Control+M Solutions as the company to go to for Plex pre and post implementation advice and help. "

    Veronica, IT Manager and Plex Champion
  • Testimonials

    "From the day Patti arrived she proved herself to be agile and quick. She adapted well to our challenging environment and quickly understood the intricacies of the business and how to navigate the people."

    Kevin, VP & CIO
  • Testimonials

    "When you are in a pickle, call Control – M. Patti’s team is quick to respond, thorough in analysis, and effective in designing and implementing solutions."

    Zack, CFO

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